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Glances - Tentazione

Tentazione is connected with the former track (Polifonia) in a non stop continuity, following the tipic expositive form of progressive rock. This time, Nocenzi composed the track for a trio and it shows an amazing rhythmical path played in lower octaves by piano, accented by the sax and the acoustic guitar performing unexpected unisonous and harmony. Once again, games and referrals that go from Rhythm and Blues to jazz passing through Latin Mediterranean.

Piano: Vittorio Nocenzi
Alto Sax: Carlo Micheli
Acoustic guitar: Tom Sinatra
Orchestration: Vittorio Nocenzi

As well as Padre Nostro and Polifonia this track was born from the main theme of FRANCESCO, the Italian rock opera about Francesco d'Assisi’s life. In '72 - '73 the casting included the musicians of Banco del Mutuo Soccorso. Vittorio Nocenzi wrote the music and with Francesco di Giacomo he wrote the lyrics. The opera was never realized because of the lack of funds previously promised.
Although the original recording was lost, Vittorio Nocenzi, starting by those original themes, composed and recorded three inedited tracks published within the record “40 anni” (Sony 2012).

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