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Glances - Polifonia

Polifonia is a Nocenzi composition of 1969. In the melodic and harmonic parts of his writing though, there are already premises of the transversal project that combines different forms of music which will become the progressive rock: blues cadences like the conclusive ones in the stanza alternate with leading lines inspired by Bach, sometimes expressed in a particularly essential way, altre con intrecci di contrappunti barocchi sottolineati brillantemente dagli esecutori. The orchestration of the track propounded in this recording is for an unusual quartet: piano, alto sax, acoustic guitar and cello. The final sound of the performance is very peculiar. The track, before being used as the leading theme of the rock opera, was already performed by the first line-up of Banco, the one with Falco brothers. It is present also in the second line-up repertory, the one with Di Giacomo, and it was performed at least until 1973, in the occasion of the first live concert of Banco in Napoli at the Teatro Mediterraneo.

Piano: Vittorio Nocenzi
Alto Sax : Carlo Micheli
Acoustic Guitar: Tom Sinatra
Cello: Tiziano Ricci
Orchestration: Vittorio Nocenzi


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