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Glances - Padre nostro

Between '72 and'73 the first Italian rock opera was born. The Banco wrote an intense work about Francesco d'Assisi ‘s life. Directed by Antonio Gamna besides the Banco musicians, the casting includes the Japanese drums and percussion player Stomu Yamashta, the sax player Elio D'Anna from the band Osanna, the Assisi polyphonic choir and young actors and dancers from the Umbrian town. Vittorio Nocenzi wrote the music but he wrote the lyrics with Francesco di Giacomo. After working on this project for a long time, this opera was never performed because at the very last moment the funds previously granted by Regione Umbria did not arrive. Since then only specific press, and the fans of course, spoke about the opera that became a legend of the Italian progressive rock. The original recording was lost. Two of the main themes of “Francesco” were edited for the first time in the album “40anni” (Sony 2012). These tracks were written and recorded by Vittorio Nocenzi on purpose for this occasion: a special edition to celebrate the 40 years career of Banco.

The track Padre Nostro was written specifically for the rock opera and Nocenzi wrote it for one of the most touching moment: the direct and deep dialogue between Francesco and God concerning the fragility of human destiny and the hope of redemption, the hope of liberation of the weakest. The essentiality of harmonic frequency expresses, to certain extends, an innocent naiveté that perfectly fits with the moment in which it was written. L'orchestrazione minimalista essenzialmente gira intorno alle sospensioni armoniche improvvise e fuori canone del piano e i contrappunti sintetici ma intensi affidati all'Evi di Micheli. Una chicca l'idea di tenere l'estensione delle performance dell'Evi akai sempre contenuta in un range molto ristretto per esplodere una sola volta dalle note acutissime dello strumento fino alle più inattese note basse solo al momento dell'unco ma intenso assolo.

Piano: Vittorio Nocenzi

Akai Evi: Carlo Micheli

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