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The musician is an eternauta who travels among meteorites and switched off moons. In the silence of stars emptiness . Most of the times he follows mirages . He "seas " and "feels "something, but remembering all the other similar occasion in which he landed nowhere, on no one’s planet, he is left in uncertainty. When, instead, he finds the right landing, he often does not realize it immediately, he needs time. The musician is someone who is always searching for something, even if he does not know.
He is a record player switched on the noise of life and the silence of thoughts . Every once in a while he returns these information in a unique new mixture obtained by an unexpected fusion that we call music. The musician is always in love with his last born son, but soon he will deny him. The musician is an orphan full of nostalgia for every one else.

Vittorio Nocenzi


Anni 2000

Anni '90

Anni '80

Anni '70

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