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Glances from Estremo Occidente – the book

Sguardi dall'estremo Occidente - Libro

This is a series of individual “listening experiences” of ESTREMO OCCIDENTE. These “experiences” were written by a 100 different people. Everyone did it his own way without any given suggestion except that they were asked to listen the record and describe their own experiences. Half people were artists and half people were not. Among the artists there were not only musicians but people from different professions, of different ages and from different locations, plus, not all of them personally knew Vittorio Nocenzi. There’s a story behind that. Everything started by the meeting of Nocenzi with professor Aldo Morrone, one of the major worldwide expert in migration medicine, poverty and tropical diseases. It is more than 25 years that professor Morrone and his team work in support of immigrant populations, he also cooperates in clinical-scientific fields creating several projects in Africa. In those same days Nocenzi got an email from Ilaria Drago, who wanted to share with the composer the sensation she had during the listening of ESTREMO OCCIDENTE. Nocenzi was quite moved by what she wrote about it so, he thought , why not? Why not letting other artists comment on his work or maybe the audience itself? Or probably better both artists and audience? Why not asking everyone, with their comments, to join him in supporting and promoting professor Morroni’ s health initiatives? An amplification of solidarity from a western world that every once in a while is able to listen… the rest of the world. That is how the listening experiences started to arrive. One first, than the second… and every one was different from the other. A multitude of comments, reactions, personal references. Somebody wrote fictions, some other actually wrote reviews, somebody wrote poems, somebody wrote forgotten images. A large carpet of which anyone wove a part, unpicked and then knotted again, a tissue which started from being a number of details and soon became a rare unique event. Music in this case played the role of a switch. If only we could hear every word at the same time that would be the voice of an “extreme western world”, which means far from something else, a centre, for one time, other than ourselves. For editing needs, Gianfranco Salvatore chose to selection in full autonomy, 16 “listening” by non artists and other 16 by artists. The entire collection of contributions , all of them particularly significant for Nocenzi, is edited on this page.
Francesco Villari

You are all invited to enjoy this collective “fresco”. You will find it in its entire draft: with the contribution of important artists and those of normal people which I do love and profoundly thank for this invaluable unanimous contribution. Music is something alive, it transmutes, it changes. Non only it changes because of people who play it but mainly because of people who listen to it.

Vittorio Nocenzi




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